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"Now I was quiet for a while, I was thinking, what could have the Italian forward intended with this pass... I couldn't think of anything." - Richard Lintner

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I was 21 and Alex was 19. I’d seen her out and about the city a few times and I’d done a bit of due diligence into who she was and where she was from and I really liked her when I saw her and I thought, you know, if I could pluck up enough courage, I’ll give her a call and see if she fancies going on a date. The first call didn’t go well. I was a bit nervous on the phone and she just completely blew me out, she wasn’t having it at all. So that was that. And then it took me a week or so to pluck up the courage to go for call two and I fired in again and the second time I was successful. And here we are, three kids, married SIX years and everything’s fine.

Happy wedding anniversary, Mr & Mrs Gerrard!

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