Na šrot sme ich rozjebali, napíš to tam.

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"Now I was quiet for a while, I was thinking, what could have the Italian forward intended with this pass... I couldn't think of anything." - Richard Lintner

% kers at kmh (since 20/5/14)

  • professor: you can watch the movie by getting it in the mail through netflix or on amazon for $3.99!!
  • guy behind me: i'll just torrent it
  • girl next to me: you're not supposed to torrent on campus i'm going to my friend's apartment to do it do you want me to burn it for you
  • me: yeah you can probably just find it on megashare or movie4k too
  • professor: aren't these things illEGAL?????
  • everyone: 
  • everyone: 
  • everyone: 
  • girl who never speaks: wait do people actually buy movies
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Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013


Natalie Dormer photographed by Nick Kelly, 2013

How long it takes to learn Slovak?

Well, at my old school, there were American teachers, and if they really wanted, they spoke pretty good Slovak after two or three years. So it doesn’t take long to get to intermediate level when people will understand what you are talking about and you will understand them, of course if they don’t speak any dialect that much differs from “official” Slovak.

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when u get in the shower without taking off your eye makeup and come out looking like anze kopitar :////


Last time this year, there has been football and F1. Now it’s hockey.

So somebody had a great day laughing with somebody


Guess what, yet another angry Felipe cartoon. At least this time it includes a comforting Rob.

Maybe I’ll tell them I’ve lost it or it was stolen: “I’m so sorry…” [when FIA will call him to hand over the trophy]

Sebastian Vettel (via teamsimi)


nhl meme | [2/2] quotes | bob johnson

"it is a great day for hockey."

nhl meme | [2/2] quotes | bob johnson

"it is a great day for hockey."

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