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"Now I was quiet for a while, I was thinking, what could have the Italian forward intended with this pass... I couldn't think of anything." - Richard Lintner

% kers at kmh (since 20/5/14)

You tag crosby as "another fucker", who is the first one?

Malkin is the first one. And Nealsy is the last one that’s numbered

can anybody explain me how I could pack all my clothing coming here in one suitcase and now I can’t fit half of it back?

Kaner Queue (18/∞)

Kaner Queue (18/∞)

dude, I know nothing about hockey but that jonathan toews is so cute. this is unacceptable,







the worst


Captain Serious…..


Captain Serious…..


"Captain Jonathan Toews led the team, all the way, for the second time."



(A friend of mine linked me to this video today asking me to translate (I’m French Canadian) and I just thought I’d provide a transcript of it. Jonathan Toews and his mom talk about family and what it’s like to raise an athlete. Sorry if that’s been done already…)

Andrée Gilbert: To raise an athlete, whether a hockey player or another sport or activity, it doesn’t happen on its own. Parents need support and help. I talk as a mother of a young hockey player—there are many roles that make sure a team works well: we need coaches, we need managers, we need people who’ll organise fundraisers. It’s very demanding, as parents, to raise a young hockey player, and that’s why we need support, that’s why our children have good experiences playing hockey; it’s when they have a community that supports them—that’s what makes a team work well.

Jonathan Toews: My mom and dad, especially my mom, would discipline us, would be very, very strict about what kind of person we were and everything, about how we worked hard with our hockey, our studies, and all those things. That’s how we were raised as children, my brother and I. So when it was time for me to leave home at 15—I think about it and it’s very, very young, it’s not easy for most children, they’re not ready to leave home; to play hockey at that age. For me, I was very, very serious, very dedicated, and I knew it was something—um—with my maturity level, that I was ready to tackle this challenge. But it’s not always easy for mothers, and especially for me. I really didn’t like when she’d leave the school to return to Winnipeg—when I was at Shattuck St Mary’s in the States—she’d always cry and didn’t want to let me go, and I was like: mom, I’ll be fine, let me do this, I can do it.

Andrée Gilbert: Now, I sometimes say things that he doesn’t agree with, like sometimes I’d say: Well, Jonathan, I think you should shoot the puck more often, then he’ll roll his eyes, all yeah mom, thanks for the tip, thanks for—but yeah, we have a normal life, like all families.


geno and ovie are having a great time together

ALEX AND GENO *clutches chest* my heart

11pm and I’m still not packed (started at 9:30am).
Leaving tomorrow 9:30am.


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